T-Mobile, Orange and Everything Everywhere 3G Problem

Last morning I received an SMS from T-mobile (my current provider) stating that if I restarted my phone set I would see EE instead of T-mobile as a signal provider.  I did the restart and was able to see EE instead of T-Mobile at the top of the screen.  All fine and well.  Problem started when I wanted to make a phone call.  I was getting disconnected right away.  I went to the nearest T-mobile centre (Barnet Spires Mall), and the very helpful lady there was able to solve the issue.  Apparently Everything-Everywhere is having problem with its 3G network because of 4G network work.  The lady set my phone to get the 3G network from a manually selected list (when searching for available list two EE options came, she selected the bottom one).  The phone started working.  As I normally use the mobile only for phone calls I asked her is it better to change signal to 2G (GMS instead of UMTS).  She said that was also worth a try.  I changed my signal type to 2G.  This was also working fine.  During this rollover period for 4G I think this problem will go on for some time.


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